The Real Brewer Jobs Plan

Gov. Brewer’s campaign co-chair, Mary Peters, made a head-scratching claim at a GOP event in Ahwatukee. Speaking on behalf of the governor, Peters said that Brewer “has already created thousands of jobs and will continue to work on that.”


Peters, who was Transportation Secretary in the job-killing Bush administration, needs to be briefed about Brewer’s true record on job creation:

In May, Arizona lost another 4,300 private-sector jobs and the unemployment rate here increased to 9.6 percent, according to the state Commerce Department. Arizona’s only job gains in May were due to federal Census worker hires. Arizona has a net loss of 98,900 jobs since Brewer took the reins as governor in January 2009.
In February, Brewer signed off on massive cuts to AHCCCS and KidsCare. According to a study commissioned by the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, these cuts could eliminate 42,000 Arizona jobs, devastating a sector of the economy that is actually growing in our state.

Gov. Jan Brewer’s proposed cuts to health care would drain an estimated $2.7 billion in state and federal funding from Arizona’s economy and result in the loss of 42,000 jobs, according to an analysis by economists at Arizona State University… The Governor’s Office did not dispute the analysis. [Analysis conducted by Seidman Research Institute at ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. — AZ Republic, 2/25/10]

Brewer has also unveiled several “jobs plans,” but so far they’ve only generated publicity – no actual jobs.

Instead of bringing us real leadership on Arizona’s border-security problems, Gov. Jan Brewer brought us Sarah Palin, a leader on … um… seeing Russia’s border from Alaska.

By enlisting Palin, Brewer proved she is focused more on her political future than on Arizona’s real immigration-related problems – drug and weapons traffickers, human smuggling and kidnapping in our neighborhoods. These are the very problems Arizona’s attorney general and Democrats in the state Legislature are working hard to combat. But Arizona will continue to suffer as its governor rolls out publicity stunts designed to help her win the GOP primary.

In just over a year, our unelected “accidental governor” has done more damage to Arizona than we can wrap our heads around. She and the Republicans in power continue to push Arizona down the wrong track by cutting jobs, ignoring our soaring foreclosure rate and driving the state economy into a deeper hole. Their values are not Arizona values. Consider:

-After promising not to “decimate” education and programs for the most vulnerable, Brewer made the largest cut to education in state history. We now rank last in the nation for education funding.

-She cut thousands of jobs during an economic crisis.

-She took police officers and firefighters off the streets and out of our neighborhoods when she made massive cuts to public safety.

-She eliminated federally mandated and funded health care for more than 40,000 working-class kids, making Arizona the only state in the nation to do so.

We need to get Arizona on the right track by implementing real immigration reform and cracking down on the criminal cartels. We need to attract businesses and jobs to our state. And we must strengthen our education system. But with Brewer as governor and her Republican cronies in the majority, Arizona will stay on the wrong track.